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About The ProgramJordan River Child Safety Program

Launched in 1997, the Jordan River Children Safety Program (JRCSP) is the result of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdulla's relentless efforts to place the welfare of children at the forefront of national policy agendas. The program aims to secure child protection and safety and to enhance positive child raising practices by dealing with the family as a whole unit. The program works in two areas: intervention through rehabilitation services for abused children, and prevention by offering comprehensive services that secure children's rights and promote a culture of family and child safety in Jordan.

JRCSP's mission is to mitigate violence against children by raising awareness in the community and offering capacity building to willing participants who can become advocates within their communities. It also encourages healthy, wholesome interaction within each family. JRF also works closely with governmental and non-governmental entities to enforce child-protection laws, which are implicit in Jordan's signing of the Human Rights Treaty. This all-encompassing approach found in JRCSP is the result of relentless work in the field of child abuse, and it was designed to tackle all of its stages in a manner that prevents it from recurring.

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