Why Work for Us

Job Satisfaction

Everything we do is about helping people and communities. Our colleagues are doing their part in providing support for our communities in numerous socio-economic projects, which aim to enhance livelihoods.
By integrating and serving community development initiatives, the Foundation is now recognized nationally, regionally, and internationally as an agent of positive change.

By joining JRF, you will not be talking about change, but you will be contributing to it.

Exciting Environment

As socio-economic projects are constantly evolving, we too need to keep up with this fast-changing field. Working at JRF makes for an exciting environment, and we are always on the lookout for new challenges that improve the outcomes of our work. As you move forward, you will also develop new skills and gain invaluable experience.

Career Development

At JRF, we take career development seriously. If you are an ambitious person, there are plenty of opportunities for your to grow; you will know the roles you can progress into, and what you will need to do to get there.