JRF International

The Foundation is registered in France as a tax-exempted association, in the United States of America as a 501(c) 3 entity, and in the UK as a tax-exempt charity registered with the UK Charity Commission (charity number 1110972).

International registration has established an extended network of supporters for JRF, and has also encouraged donors and supporters to contribute to and collaborate with locally registered and credible organizations that comply with laws and regulations of their respective country.
- JRF established international presence in order to build new channels of cooperation that will lead to enhanced JRF program implementation through the following means:

Knowledge Transfer
JRF partnerships with international entities fosters an “exchange of experiences” methodology that is related to JRF’s development models for social and economic initiatives, in addition to collaboration on regional and international levels.

A fundamental initiative that JRF will be championing is the establishment of educational links between childcare and family professionals in Jordan and their international counterparts. Additionally, JRF endeavors to promote the exchange of expertise and information related to community empowerment initiatives with international entities.

JRF Product Marketing and Promotion
The quality of JRF’s products and designs provides an excellent opportunity to develop new marketing and export channels for its products internationally. This will lead to more employment opportunities and an increase in the level of income for Jordanian women living in rural communities. In support of this, JRF continues to work towards identifying venues and partners who can and will promote the Foundation’s high-quality home accessories and handicrafts internationally.

Fundraising (events and program-based activities)
In collaboration with international partners, JRF continues to organize fundraising activities and acquire sponsorships in order to generate funding for the implementation of its programs. JRF also continues to foster program-based partnerships with foundations, organizations and corporations in the United Kingdom, the United States and France.

International Board Members

United States

Ms. Nancy Aossey

President and CEO, International Medical Corps (IMC)

Mr. Alexander L. Cappello

Chairman and CEO, Cappello Group

Mr. Philip Condit


Mr. Earl Glock, Attorney

O’Connell & Glock, Secretary/Treasurer of JRF USA

Ms. Elizabeth Duggal


Ms. Ann M. Veneman


Ms. Diane Powell


Ms. Pat Mitchell

President/CEO, Museums of Television and Radio and the International Media Center

Ms. Sharon Patrick