Our Kitchen

Al Karma Kitchen
Established in 2006, Al Karma kitchen is an extension of Al Karma Center operation in Jabal Natheef, Amman. The kitchen cooks a wide variety of foods, including Arabic sweets, macarons macaroons? or (spaghetti) in Arabic flavors, in addition to a number of unique items. The kitchen hires highly-skilled Jordanian female chefs and provides excellent economic opportunities to workers and to the community women of Jabal Natheef. Due to the kitchen’s success, JRF is looking into offering catering services for events and special occasions through Al Karma kitchen, which in turn will expand employment opportunities for women in the community.

Following the model in the Jabal Natheef kitchen, JRF has established a new kitchen in Jabal Al Nasr in East Amman as part of the Queen Rania Center for Families and Children (QRFCC).
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