Handicrafts Projects

JRF strives to create economic opportunities for women and to capitalize on their potential as independent breadwinners within their families. There has been an immense interest from community women to participate in various social empowerment programs and activities. This demonstrates their eagerness to learn, participate and develop, particularly as entrepreneurs.

Jordan River Designs Project

Established in 1998, this embroidery project employs 22 women in spacious workshops, and has contracts with 600 other women who embroider traditional and contemporary home furnishings, gift items, and fashion accessories.

Set up to support women seeking extra income, the project also aims to maintain and promote traditional heritage, offering a wide variety of embroidery techniques from different areas across the Kingdom.

BaniHamida Weaving Project

The BaniHamida Women’s Weaving Project was launched by Save the Children in 1997 and merged with the Jordan River Foundation in 1998. Reviving an otherwise impoverished region, the project revamped the long-celebrated tradition of Bedouin weaving practices, and has helped maintain the social fabric of the Makawir area. The project also contributed to the improvement of the families’ living conditions.

Today, women in 13 villages help keep the traditions alive, while contributing significantly to the quality of life of their families. Wooden spindles and floor looms are used to produce superior quality pure wool rugs that travel the world with a “Handmade with Pride by Bedouin Jordanian Women” label.

Wadi Al-Rayan Project

The Wadi Al-Rayan Project revolutionized the use of cattail reeds and banana leaves as raw manufacturing material. These materials were burnt and disposed of in the past, posing as environmental hazards. However, they are now used to produce handmade items such as baskets, coasters, mats, and other unique home accessories.